The Away Team V2.5: Demo and Soundtrack Released!

Greetings space travelers!

Today, we are proud to finally announce that The Away Team’s demo and soundtrack are now officially available. Alongside this, we are also releasing a patch that brings in a few new features.

The Away Team’s Soundtrack is available for US$5, and includes a mix of 16 ambient and melodic tracks in FLAC format. This has been long-requested, and we’re glad to get the high quality versions of the game’s music tracks into fans’ hands. If you’re new to both or would like to gift both to a friend, we’ve also made the game and soundtrack available together in a bundle.

The new Away Team: Lost Exodus demo offers prospective players the opportunity to have some first hand experience with the game before committing to the full version. Including 8 characters, two side missions, two story missions, and one set of random event missions, it’s a little taste of everything. If you’ve been trying to work out whether The Away Team is for you, or haven’t quite found the right way to recommend it to a friend, the demo lets you do that hassle free. The demo can be installed from the Steam store page, and any progress made in the demo will carry across to the full version of the game.

Last, but certainly not least, we have released the 2.5 update to the game itself. This is not a large patch, but it does contain a number of small additions that we hope will make players’ experiences more enjoyable.

  • Added in-game “Challenges” screen for viewing achievements and achievement progress
  • Added a clock/time counter to the sector screen
  • Added two “Cheats” that allow players to modify gameplay to suit personal preferences
  • Added tooltips for food, fuel and time in the sector screen

The Away Team: Lost Exodus Releasing October 22nd, 2018

The Away Team: Lost Exodus, coming October 22nd

Greetings, space travellers!

We are proud to announce that The Away Team’s upcoming update, Lost Exodus, will be launching on Steam and on October 22nd!

Lost Exodus polishes and builds upon The Away Team’s core choose-your-own- adventure and real-time space exploration experiences by adding more content, improved gameplay, and an in-game character with integrated Steam Workshop support.

There are a lot of changes to go over, and we’ll be digging in in more detail with a proper changes, but for now, here’s a rundown on the key stuff:

  • Expanded story, increasing the game’s mission content to over 120,000 words
  • Enhanced sector exploration with new random event missions and asteroid fields
  • A new crew role experience system
  • A new unlockable character with their own story arc to explore
  • Over 50 “memento” items for crewmembers to collect
  • A new character editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • Improved sprite rendering
  • Clearer text and an optional dyslexic-friendly font

Additionally we are announcing today that the game’s base price will be increasing to $8.00 to coincide with the update’s release. A lot of effort, talent, and love has gone into making both the original game and this update, The new price of $8 will better reflect and honor that. If you’d get in early and pick up The Away Team or gift it to a friend at the lower price of $2.00, we understand.

We are really looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on with new and existing players on the 22nd, and hope you’ll celebrate with us by checking it out 🙂

If you’d like to check out some screenshots of the new bits and pieces ahead of us updating the store page, you can check out our presskit here: